Donate today to make the Great Lakes safer for everyone! image

Donate today to make the Great Lakes safer for everyone!

Help people safely enjoy the water year-round.


Your gift helps...

  • inform & educate everyone on ways to safely enjoy the water,
  • provide free resources & tools through our website and events,
  • help park officials & community leaders make their beaches safer
  • pilot innovative new drowning prevention solutions, and much more.

The Great Lakes are a treasure.

More than 100 million people live along or visit the 10,000 miles of beautiful Great Lakes area each year. Parks, beaches, marinas, cottages, homes, hotels, and the shoreline amenities provide experiences like nowhere else in the world.

But far too many people drown in the Great Lakes each year. The World Health Organization calls drowning a “neglected public health threat.” Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in kids 1-4 and second in kids under 15. Many were good swimmers. None thought they would drown that day. Each of these tragedies is preventable with a little knowledge and dash of preparedness.

The Great Lakes Water Safety Consortium is a growing community that helps others understand how to avoid drowning, escape drowning, and safely save others from drowning. Together, we’re helping people safely enjoy the Great Lakes.

We are all volunteers so your support goes directly to our drowning prevention efforts.

Do you prefer to mail your gift? Please send it to:

Great Lakes Water Safety Consortium
P.O. Box 130861
Ann Arbor, MI 48113

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