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Helping people SAFELY enjoy the Great Lakes

Working together to END drowning


Helping millions SAFELY enjoy the Great Lakes

Millions of people visit the 10,000 miles of Great Lakes shoreline each year for a beautiful day. Parks, beaches, marinas, cottages, homes, hotels, and more offer experiences like nowhere else in the world.

But nearly 100 people drown in the Great Lakes each year – and all of these tragedies are preventable with a little warning and a little knowledge. Many are good swimmers. Many don't even intend to get in the water.

What we hear most after a tragedy is, I didn't know... There are rip currents in the Great Lakes... I should not only bring a lifejacket, I should wear it... I should swim near a lifeguard... I should steer clear of the pier during high waves... And more.

The Great Lakes Water Safety Consortium is a Community of BEST Practice – an umbrella organization with more than 450 members – that knows why drownings occur and how everyone can SAFELY enjoy the Great Lakes.

Please join us. Please support us. Today.